Digital Campaign Brief

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In a user-centric world


Successful Brand Building Process


Or, passionate team will create more value if they can capture more info.
We use digital media analytics to guide your decisions
and reinforce your brand on a daily basis.



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Digital Campaign Brief

Create customizable digital campaign designed to achieve your business objective/s for your next digital wave.

We understand that we work in a very competitive market and we'd love to hear from our clients to help us understand the KPI's and improve our targeting tactics.
 Campaign Overview:
 Tone of Voice:
Campaign Exclusions:
List is the digital channels to be used:
List the KPI's to evaluate your campaign objectives?
Target Audience:
Key messages for business’ social media channels:
Knowing who your competitors are:
If you have any questions about the survey, email us: informatics@thinkmarketinglab.com